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Titanium Seatpost 0mm Offset

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USD$ 295.00



Litespeed Titanium Seatpost 0mm Offset

Litespeed Titanium Seatpost No reviews $ 295.00 USD Offset Take the soft ride and appearance of your titanium bike to the next level with our Litespeed Titanium Seatpost. With high-quality ENVE saddle rail hardware, you can make precise adjustments and be sure your saddle won't slip. All posts ship with ENVE hardware for both round and oval saddle rails to allow maximum capability. Litespeed Titanium Seatposts are handmade in the same USA factory that makes our legendary titanium frames. This seatpost diameter is 31.6mm x 380mm and is a great addition to your existing MTB, Gravel or Road Litespeed frame. Specs Seat post 31.6mm x 380mmWeight: 268 grams ENVE rail hardware includes both 7mm round rail clamp for metal rails & 10mm x 7mm oval clamp for carbon rails. Available in both 0mm and 20mm offset.