Stainless Steel RD Hanger

#PP-HANGER-REAR-SS - Item is available.

USD$ 40.00



Derailleur Hanger: Stainless steel replaceable derailleur hanger for C Series, L Series, Archon Ti, Xicon, and Icon. Also compatible with Vortex and Ghisallo.

Compatible Bikes: 2010 and newer C-series 2011 and newer L-series Archon Ti T1 Xicon Icon 2013-2016 T3 & T3 Disc 2013-2016 T5 & T5 Disc 2014-2016 T7 2016 and newer T1SL 2017 T6 2017 T2 (Non-disc model) 2017 T5 (non0disc model)